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Closeboard Panel fencing with Trellis tops
Product number:  17

Closeboard Panels with Trellis tops

Closeboard Panel fencing with Trellis tops

Closeboard panels are strong and make an excellent boundary or party fence.  Closeboard panels with trellis tops
The trellis tops are separate to the panel and provide a softer look and make them more suitable as divider fences or to train plants along.

Shown here with 30cm high square trellis, concrete posts Closeboard gate.

1.2m closeboard panels with 600mm high trellis

Left the picture shows the reverse of a fence, which uses 1.2m closeboard panels and 600mm high square trellis on top. Fitted on timber posts.The customers required height but as it was a narrow area did not want an imposing completely solid fence.