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Wall Top Fencing

Topping your existing wall with fencing is a great way to increase the height of a low wall for added security or privacy.
There are a variety of different methods of securing the fencing depending on the age and stability of the wall.

The horizontal Cedar trellis here is made up from individual batons, enabling us to follow the curve giving a beautiful finish to the top of the wall. Cedar is ideal for this because of its flexibility and strength.

Cedra horizontal trellis, wall top fencing

Decorative lattice fencing on top of a wall

Right shows Diamond lattice trellis panels with small "windows" as a decorative and reasonably lightweight top to provide increased height and privacy to the existing wall. As the wall was secure and sound the posts were fixed directly to the wall with Metpost sockets and the Lattice panels fixed as usual.

The wall below was much older and as the woven chestnut Kent panels  are heavier and offer more resistance to wind they were fitted onto Oak posts and completely independent of the existing wall, but still increasing height and adding privacy.

Woven chestnut Kent panel on oak posts

Again here the posts are fixed behind the wall so as not to compromise the wall structure. The panels are made up from horizontal Cedar batons.
Cedar wall top panels

Palisade or Picket  fencing has a classic look and is  commonly used for front gardens or where a divider is needed within a garden for dogs or a pond for example. It can be planed for a smooth finish suitable for staining or painting or a rough sawn finish.
The pale spacing can be varied from our standard 50mm and the tops can be flat, pointed or round.
You can also adjust the dimensions of the individual pales themselves so they are narrower or wider.
A painting and staining service is available and is done before erecting the fence.
Matching gates are available either as single hand gates or framed entrance gates like our Helmingham gates.

Browse through the different Palisade Fencing types below for inspiration and contact us for a quotation.
We can supply and erect fencing within a 50 mile radius of Woodbridge, Suffolk.

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