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Closeboard panels on concrete posts and gravel boards
Closeboard panels on concrete posts and gravel boards
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Closeboard Panel Fencing

Closeboard in ready made panels. Made in Suffolk.

The main differences between Closeboard fencing panels and Closeboard fencing that is made on site, is with fencing panels the posts can be seen from either side and the distance between the posts is shorter at 1.8m.

Erected on either pressure treated timber posts or for increased longevity we suggest concrete posts. Using a gravel board to match the posts keeps the Closeboard fencing panels off the ground again increasing longevity.

Photos above show Closeboard panels with capping on concrete posts with concrete gravel board.

Closeboard panels 900mm high on concrete posts

Shorter 900mm high Closeboard panels on concrete posts.

closeboard panels on concrete posts with retainer gravel boards

Closeboard fencing panels on concrete posts with 10" x 5" timber sleepers as a retainer wall. 

Closeboard panels, no capping on timber posts

Closeboard panels on timber posts, no capping has been used.

Closeboard panels set on the face of the posts

Closeboard fencing panels set on to the face of timber posts to sit on top of a low wall. This creates the look of a traditional closeboard fence.

Closeboard panels with a slight step down

Closeboard fence panels with capping and a slight step down to follow a gentle slope

Made to measure closeboard panels

Closeboard in 3m long made to measure panels with concrete gravel boards. No capping used.

Closeboard Panel Fencing Installation Service in Suffolk

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