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Rabbit netting with single Hare wire
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Rabbit Fencing

Rabbit netting can be either dug in or turned over.

Rabbits can be a major problem. The photo above shows rabbit netting dug in with a single Hare wire.

Rabbit fencing can be free standing perhaps with the addition of one or two Hare lines, or attached to another type of fence. The bottom of the netting is folded outwards either on the ground surface or dug in and buried.

Rabbit netting with no Hare lines

Fencing at Sizewell Power Station.
Hares are not a problem here so no top line wires.
The soil is very sandy though so the netting was dug in and folded 

Rabbit netting on Closeboard

Rabbit netting can also be attached to solid fences like the Closeboard fence shown here on right.


Rabbit netting on post and rail

Rabbit fencing


  Rabbit netting attached to post and th

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