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Post Savers
Post Saver fitted on a Douglas Fir post
Post Savers
Post Saver fitted on a Douglas Fir post
Product number:  41d


Prolong the life of Softwood posts.

The weak point with fence and gate posts is the point where it enters the ground. Frustratingly, they can rot through at ground level whilst the rest of the fence, gate and post is still in perfectly good condition and doesn’t need replacement.
With bad weather your otherwise perfectly good fence or gate can be smashed and broken by strong winds simply because the post rots through and breaks off.
With changes in preservative legislation in recent years the problem has been made worse as all the harmful but effective chemicals have been removed from fence and post preservative. However by fitting a Postsaver to your fence or gate post to the vulnerable ground line section only (not the entire underground section) you will keep the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that your new fence will last for many more years.

We recommend the use of Postsavers with Pressure treated softwood and Douglas Fir posts.

Postsavers are simply put in the correct position and then with a heat gun or blow torch are heated and reduced to a tight fit. When buying the post and post saver from us the Postsaver will come already fitted.

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