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Post and 2 rail fencing
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Post & Rail Fencing

Post and rail can be used in gardens as well as paddocks.

Pst and 3 rail in Iroko
Post and rail can be beautiful too!
Often thought of as a paddock fencing, post and rail can be successfully used in a garden setting too. Simply by selecting a lovely planed hardwood, in this case Iroko and using square stone headed posts and an extra rail this short run of post and rail fencing compliments the gate and enhances the whole entrance. Yet still remains a cost effective and practical option.

Post and rail with rabbit netting

The addition of Rabbit netting can provide an effective barrier against pests in the vegetable garden or combine with wire netting or stock netting for dog proofing.

Post & Rail Fencing Installation Service in Suffolk

Countryside gates offer a range of installation services within Suffolk and the immediate surrounding areas.

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