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Hit and Miss gates in untreated Larch
Hit and Miss gates in untreated Larch
Hit and Miss gates in untreated Larch
Hit and Miss gates in untreated Larch
Product number:  120hm

Hit & Miss Gates

Framed semi open entrance gates.

Hit and Miss gates are the perfect solution for windy areas but where a more traditional open design isn't suitable as extra privacy is still required.
Constructed in a similar way to Helmingham Palisade gates, but with pales on both sides giving a solid look when viewed from head on, but still with gaps to allow the wind to blow through.

The  above gates are from Larch and the solid but open effect can be seen at the different angles.

Hit & Miss gates are available in several variations:
  • Straight top
  • Curved top
  • Pointed pales
  • Flat top pales

Perfect for windy areas and dogs. Suited for driveways and courtyards, town or country. Also available as Pedestrian gates, perfect for windy pathways between buildings.

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The different types of timber have different properties. Please refer to our Information pages for explanations and samples of the different timber species and colour treatments available.

Hit & Miss Gates Installation Service in Suffolk

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