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Helmingham gate round pales
Helmingham gate pointed pales
Helmingham gate round pales
Helmingham gate pointed pales
Product number:  39-COPY

Helmingham Hand Gate

  • £129.00

A Framed Palisade gate with either round, flat or pointed pales. Made in Redwood or Larch softwoods.

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Helmingham is a framed Palisade gate, perfect for front gardens.
Scandinavian redwood  is a common timber used for pedestrian gates both of the gates above are shown in this timber. A cheaper alternative compared to Larch or hardwoods but must be treated with a preservative every year.
Larch is the other softwood timber available, acting more like a hardwood it is extremely, dense, durable, stable and hard wearing the perfect option if you want to leave your gate to naturally weather as a maintenance free option or with its fine grain and fewer knots than Redwood it is the perfect timber to apply paints and stains.  Click here for full details on the different timber types.

Palisade gates are available with all types of variations.
  • Straight top
  • Curved top 
  • Pointed pales
  • Round top pales
  • Flat top pales
  • Pale spacing can vary according to personal preference and considering gate width.

Please note: The above prices are the same for Flat / Pointed or Round top pales all in a straight top gate,. Please contact us for prices of curved gate.

Prices inclusive of  VAT    
Choose your timber Pressure treated Scandinavian Redwood, Larch
Choose your width 750mm, 900mm, 1.05m, 1.05mm, 1.2m
Choose your height 875mm, 1m, 1.15m

Below is a list of key points to help you quickly and easily compare gate designs:

  • Frame Size:   50mm

  • Softwood Timbers available:   Planed pressure treated  Scandinavian Redwood & Larch

  • Widths available:  750mm to 1.2m

  • Heights available: 875m to 1.15m

  • Variations:  Curved or Straight top line / Pales - Pointed, Round, Flat

  • Helmingham Hand Gate Installation Service in Suffolk

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