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Dastra Panel Fencing with Trellis Tops
Product number:  18

Dastra Fencing with Trellis. Curved

Different designs all with arched or dished trellis tops.

Dastra panels are a high quality panel and enhance any garden setting, the trellis tops make them more decorative and soften the design as well as making them useful for training plants along.
They are stronger than Waney panels and come in convex, concave or straight.
The styles can be used individually or combined to make an interesting top line. The photo above shows the Reinas Modern design.
Available in a variety of heights, some with matching gates.

Neris Dastra panels with trellis
The photo above shows the Neris design finished in customers green stain. On concrete posts and gravel boards.

Here are all of the designs available:
Dastra designs

Dastra Fencing with Trellis. Curved Installation Service in Suffolk

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