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Chestnut hurdles fixed to chestnut stakes.
Product number:  109

Chestnut Hurdles

Moveable hurdle fencing.

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Chestnut Hurdles are available in 2 sizes:
1.2m high x 1.8m wide         
450mm high x 750mm wide. 

Shown (Left) as a permanent garden fence, screwed onto chestnut stakes.
Can also be a semi moveable fence that can be roped together.

Hurdles with hazel panel

Here shows the hurdles being used in conjuction with a hazel panel, to train plants up as part of a decorative seating area.
Choose your size 450mm high x 750mm wide, 1.2m high x 1.8m wide

Chestnut Hurdles Installation Service in Suffolk

Countryside gates offer a range of installation services within Suffolk and the immediate surrounding areas.

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