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Kennett 5 bar gate in pressure treated softwood
Product number:  32

Kennett 5 bar gate

  • £357.00

Pressure treated Larch
for greater durability.

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The Kennett has a tapering top rail and larger hanging stile with both diagonal and vertical braces.
Available in Pressure treated Larch which is a superior softwood and very dense, long lasting and less likely to twist compared to standard pressure treated Redwood.
Larch is perfect for painting, staining or leaving to naturally weather.


An equal pair of Kennett 5 bar gates, a practical option for large driveway openings.

A 915mm pedestrian Kennet gate

Widths  1.2m and under are matching pedestrian gates and are the perfect companion to larger single or pairs of gates, for easy people access.

This pair of Kennett 5 bar gates are slightly narrower at 1.8m each and as such they do not have the vertical centre brace.

The pair of Kennett gates below were set to meet at a 90 degree angle to allow more pull in space off the road. But without the addition of a centre post, keeping the opening to a maximum. 

kennett pair set at 90 degrees

Kennett gates are available with a solid base rail as can be seen below, this gives a unified look top and bottom and makes the gate more suitable for automation if required

Kennet 5 bar gate with heavy base rail

Kennet gate with mesh for dog proofing.

There are various ways to dog proof your 5 bar gate, if you have a large dog an extra rail may well be enough or if you have a smaller dog you may need to have weldmesh built into your gate and sandwiched between the rails as shown here. This Kennett gate also has a heavy base rail. Please contact us if you would like a price on either Mesh and extra rail or added pales.

Prices inc vat

Choose your timber Pressure treated Larch
Choose your width 915mm, 1.22m, 1.525m, 1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m, 2.74m, 3.05m, 3.35m, 3.66m, 3.96m, 4.265m
Do you require a Solid base rail? No, Yes
Below is a list of key points to help you quickly and easily compare gate designs:

  • Tapered top rail:   Yes
  • Larger hanging stile: Yes
  • Additional rails available : Yes (extra cost)
  • Solid base rail available:   Yes (extra cost)
  • Vertical centre brace: Yes on widths over 1.83m
  • Softwood Timbers available:  Pressure treated  Larch 
  • Widths available:  915mm to 4.265m
  • In between widths available: Yes 
  • Best for automation:   Yes with solid base (extra cost)

  • Kennett 5 bar gate Installation Service in Suffolk

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