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Butley gate in Douglas Fir stained black
Product number:  33

Butley Gate

  • £630.00

Pressure treated Larch for
greater stability.

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Available in pressure treated Larch, a superior softwood with great strength, durability and will not easily twist.
The Butley has a striking raised helve, this is the "hook" part on the hanging style and is on both wide and pedestrian gates, although for the latter it is slightly lower. The brace that joins the raised helve is called a flying brace and again is on all sizes.
The gate in the above picture is 4.2m in length. To balance and complete the look the matching fencing either side uses same size posts. Finished in an Ebony oil based stain.
Butley gates in pressure treated softwood

Unequal pairs are a popular choice for wide driveways as easy pedestrian access is available.
Gates widths 1.2m and under are matching single pedestrian gates.

Both of these Butley gates  have a solid base rail, giving an equal look top and bottom. This is required for gates that are going to be automated but is often popular to enhance the look of manual gates too.
The first one is painted white where as the other is untreated Douglas fir this timber is no longer available.

Butley gates with heavy base rail painted whiteButley gate with heavy base rail in untreated Douglas Fir.

Butley gate with unusual braces in Douglas Fir fitted with mesh and finished with white Sikkens
The Butley gate shown here was treated with white Solignum opaque woodstain.
The braces were altered here to match in with an existing gate the customer already had. The gate was also fitted with high quality galvanised mesh to the back for dog proofing. This can be seen more clearly below.
It has been teamed with co-ordinating Picket side panels either side of the driveway.
Larch is the best timber to use if painting or staining your gate. 

Butley gate with unusual braces in Douglas Fir fitted with mesh and finished with white Sikkens

The different types of timber have different properties. Please refer to our Information pages for explanations and samples of the different timber species and colour treatments available.

Choose your timber Pressure treated Larch
Choose your width 915mm, 1.22m, 1.525m, 1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m, 2.74m, 3.05m, 3.35m, 3.66m, 3.96m, 4.265m
Do you require a Solid base rail? No, Yes
Below is a list of key points to help you quickly and easily compare gate designs:

  • Tapered top rail:   Yes
  • Larger hanging stile: Yes
  • Additional rails available : Yes (extra cost)
  • Solid base rail available:   Yes
  • Vertical centre brace: Yes on widths over 1.83m
  • Softwood Timbers available:   Pressure treated Larch
  • Widths available:  915mm to 4.265m
  • In between widths available: Yes
  • Best for automation:   Yes with solid base rail

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