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Boxford gates in oak
Boxford gates in oak
Boxford gates in oak
Boxford gates in oak
Product number:  53-C

Boxford Gates

Premier open top curved entrance gates.

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Boxford gates are open topped with a curved top line. The design is the same both sides.
The above gates are in Oak and a pair has been teamed with a pedestrian gate.
The solid base rail makes them ready for automation.
Perfect for special entrances and courtyards.
Available in all sizes, please contact us with your requirements for a quote.

Prices inclusive of  VAT         

Choose your timber Iroko, Seasoned Oak
Choose your height at hanging stile 1.5m
Choose your width 3m

Below is a list of key points to help you quickly and easily compare gate designs:

  • Frame Size:   70mm
  • Visual base rail:   Yes  
  • Rebated centre stiles:   Yes
  • Raised Manors ( Stiles rise above the top line):   Yes
  • Hardwood Timbers available:   Iroko, Seasoned Oak
  • Widths available:  900mm to 4.2m
  • Heights available at the hanging stile:  1.2m to 1.8m
  • In between heights and width available: Yes
  • Variations:  Shape of curved topline / Open section height / Pale spacing all can be adjusted (possible extra costs)
  • Best for automation:   Yes

  • Boxford Gates Installation Service in Suffolk

    Countryside gates offer a range of installation services within Suffolk and the immediate surrounding areas.

    If you would like a quote for installation of your Boxford Gates please contact us.

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