We are open and our Gates and Fencing installation service is now up and running

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Covid Guidelines and Reassurance

Thank you for your interest in Countryside Gates and Fencing. In view of the current situation with the Covid virus we think it’s important to let you know of the 2m imageprecautions we’re taking to minimise the risks to all involved as we go about our work.
Working outside poses a reduced threat but given the nature of the virus it’s still necessary to remain Alert as we’re constantly told

Whilst at our premises staff will observe strict protocols regarding all the usual measures now associated with the virus, distancing, regular hand washing, sanitising and disinfecting equipment.
While some of these offer practical challenges on site and in gardens we still need to operate as safely as possible both for your protection and also for the safety of our fitters and their families.
To this end all our vehicles are equipped with Sanitiser, Spray Disinfectant and Disinfectant wipes, Masks and Gloves. We also carry items, concertina barriers and tape, to form temporary work zones where possible.


  • Our vehicles will have been disinfected before leaving our yard.
  • We will observe the 2m rule
  • If we have to use any of your existing gates for access we will disinfect the handles and latches before we start.
  • We’d like to be able to leave gates open while we work but if this isn’t possible because of children or dogs we’ll disinfect as we go.
  • It’s easy to forget and lapse into old ways so we’ll erect our temporary barriers as soon as possible to act as reminders for all, and of course for passers by and casual visitors.
  • We’ll touch as little as possible in your garden, just what’s necessary for us to work, and wipe any hard surfaces e.g. furniture if we have to move it.
  • At the end of the day we’ll disinfect latches and handles on our way out.
  • If the work isn’t completed in one day we’ll again wipe all handles on arrival.


  • Please observe the 2m rule this applies to both visits for quoting and measuring up as well as when we are actually working at your premises. We know this can be difficult especially when trying to explain details but we’re all becoming used to the awkward shuffles we have to perform at times.
  • If we erect safety barriers please respect them
  • Please don’t handle any tools
  • Please try not to use handles and gate latches while we’re working
  • It may go against the grain but please don’t offer any refreshments. The fitters bring all they need.
  • Remind our staff if you feel they are forgetting boundaries but please don’t be offended if they gently remind you. We all need to feel safe.

Thankyou from The Countryside Team