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5 Bar Style Gates

Buying a 5 bar style gate in hardwood automatically adds a quality look and feel to your driveway or entrance.
A versatile range, 5 bar gates can be used as single gates or hung as a combination of singles and pairs to suit virtually any sized opening.
To keep pets in or to deter children, mesh can be built in to the gate, extra rails added to make a 6 or 7 bar gate or pales added to the front.
If you're thinking of automating a solid base rail can be added, this can also be simply for a visual effect to balance the top and bottom rails in some of the designs this comes as standard.
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Rushbrooke Gate

Non tapering top rail. Available in Iroko and Oak.
  • £396.00

Kennett 5 bar gate

5 bar gate with diamond & vertical braces.
  • £457.00

Melford Gates

A smart 6 bar gate available in Iroko & Oak
  • £1,074.00

Butley Gate

A raised helve gate available in Iroko & Oak
  • £794.00

Cavendish Gate

A 6 bar gate in Iroko or Oak.
  • £1,298.00

Ornamental Helve Gate

An ornamental raised helve gate with twisted metal bars.
  • £2,427.00